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IGLA Anti-Theft System

What is IGLA?

IGLA is a unique device designed to protect your car against theft or carjacking. It offers an innovative mechanism of door locking via the car's standard circuit conduit, so there is no additional wiring to be easily found by thieves.

How It Works

IGLA is a unique device to protect your car against theft, including relay attack, OBD II hacking, key cloning, and carjacking. The device is undetectable for any theft devices and scanners since it doesn't show itself until you get authorized via PIN code, smartphone, or keyfob.

Key Features

  • Engine and Transmission blocked without electric circuit break

  • Authorization via smartphone or pin code

  • Safe for engine, Car warranty maintained

  • No subscription or additional fees

  • User-friendly service mode with no need to disclose your PIN code

Pricing Starts at $1,200


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